Wednesday, March 19, 2014



Cornered, you have no where else to go.
Cornered, you have no option only a must thing to do.
Cornered, you have your back to wall.
Cornered, you see shit as far your eyesight extends.

If your knees are touching ground, stand up,
Stand Up for one last time for glory, for life.
Surpass the last minute you lived.
Let out all the fear and anxiety got you have nothing to lose.

Do it and do it with a smile.
For even, death and defeat are beautiful. Love Life.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love-Flings with Startup's

4: The Failure

High on things done so far i.e.Dec 27th 2011 confident in the acquired skill set  I was in a hurry to arrive at bigger stage. "When a toddler learns to walk he/she forgets it would be couple of years before he/she begins to run for Marathon. Chances are that the toddle maybe end up with bruised knees"

My Idea to leave CTT was financial and try to gain more exposure in real world .I joined H2O degree.
Well the start was not bad , little bit bigger team of 4-5 people. But reality started to sink in I was competing with people with 5 years ,10 years experience and I was expected to deliver on similar terms. And mid February 2012 lightening struck I was kicked out of project and turned to be my biggest professional failure and I was not able to tell what I lacked otherwise. And I was pushed on a in-house project a second chance to succeed. But till date I couldn't analyze entirely the reasons to get boots from my first project. Well I did all I could but I guess that wasn't enough.If someone had spared some time to read what I written on H2O degree daily technically blog , I think I had done some decent job

I moved to a second project(early March 2012) was more of a time bomb , ticking really fast , I had to diffuse it and really quickly otherwise I would be walking home. Started to push on things to that extend I guess I didn't had time to speak people I love , and they were really disappointed with my ignoring. If that was not enough I had to handle to mess from love life , well everything pushed me to edge. Well finally early April 2012 I got the boots. Well this project I really had a small error for I2C bus "Baud rate mismatch" Which is all I wanted to resolve and not a fucking skeleton code from someone. I struggled 2 whole weeks trying to help myself resolve this issue but nothing worked.

Well on one fine early summer Friday(April 2012) @4pm I was told this would be last day , well that didn't surprise me a bit. I walked out of that office that night without saying a word to anyone. It almost took me to get out of this mess and in mean time I analyzed what I have is not enough I need to grow.

But this "FAILURE" triggered things which would almost screwed up my stay in USA.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love-Flings with Startup's

3: The Attempt 

As a kid I was always told by parents and teachers participation is important or attempt to do a particular thing is important.Well I say it's partially right attempt gives analyze your skills , defects and what more needs to be done in second attempt.So here my story of attempt , my attempt to reach a stage higher of social and career aspects.

As a kid and matter of fact even today(27 years 4 months) my mom-dad never supported me starting my own ventures, been always suppressed by him saying I am acting like a fool.Well I won't blame them for being old school or conservative or living typical middle class mentality.

Attempt 0: Dates almost a decade back when I was like 10-12 years old , I loaned 2INR from my maternal Uncle and got some note stickers , Disney stickers and some night glowing radium. And I sold it to my first and second cousins , neighbors and classmates.Well this went well for a while but when my mom found out me doing sales I was slapped and asked to stop the "scandalous" selling and asked me to return money to all my cousins and friends. Well on lighter note I still laugh at it at times whenever I think of it.

Attempt 1: Well it took me a long time to break out of shell and try something new , it happend in 2010 July when I was working with Thomson Reuters.
I decide to do gigs by responding to ads of people on .Idea was to build static websites, Did bid couple of projects in alliance with Krishnasumanth , Vijish and Nimesh but it didn't  turn out to be effective and first official failure.

Attempt 2: Attempt no 2 was in think tanks after the failure of attempt#1 and while "The First Step".
This time I formed a alliance with Nikhil Jain , Shailesh Patil and Shivanand Walitagi , started off well . Planning was good,right mind set right people but place to looks for projects. became the hunting ground for out bidding. Initial got couple of C++ student assignment and Technical research projects earning couple of $ but it didn't last long. Bidding bigger projects didn't fit into our professional bandwidth with everyone moving ahead with career(money) or getting into marital bliss
this turned out to be failure.

Attempt 3: Well this is were I am as of today date 03/28/2013 . Carrying Market research for GPS/GSM technologies in India, bidding projects on website , submitting Alpha research ideas for Motorola Solutions and keeping a tab of thoughts in my journal maybe someday even some silly of thoughts can be innovative.

In all these attempt I have learnt little bit of management skills , few technical skills  but still there is a way to go before I make it big.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love-Flings with Startup's

2: The First Step.

When personal life and professional life collide consequences are really dire. The effects on me were really bad loss of motivation, straying away of professional/career goals and change in preferences. 

"A promise to keep " had driven me crazy and cornered me in personal life , with change in preferences I took a wrong exit in freeway of life.Kept going with flow of life for a while and paying heed to preferences ,Just a hoping as long as I get a another day I can get a shot to build a career.Towards the end of job with Thomson Reuters I realized that waiting for right time and opportunity won't get me anywhere in life. This thought process was fueled by the meet with Nikhil Jain and his stories plus Indu and his few inspiring words. And Finally decided to take a break from all the job hunting formalities and review "What I want do and not what I should be doing " . This period was kinda tough in all aspects personal loss, Thesis Defense(MS degree) and self review. And Finally efforts put in paid off , got my first break though in a start up , a Embedded and Wireless start-up, Cellular Tracking Technologies(CTT) "my  first step" into a bigger picture of professional life .

Initial it took me few days to get into that groove , that mentality of a embedded engineer. Sharpening C skills , reading and comprehending datasheets, refreshing my all electronics basics , making a habit of remembering things and not googling them.

People part of CTT were  Mike,Roann,Thomas,Joe,Todd,Cassey. Things were thrown at me by Joe, Mike initially i.e. I was given eval kits and  datasheets and specs and get going. My work and daily activities really lacked mentor-ship , my doings where based on my judgement , product timeline , inputs given by Joe.

Later Cassey and Tom tagged along , Tom was a useful resource since he worked on previous gen products helped me to solve tons of issues that a fresh graduate makes. 

Learning curve: 
  • Hardware debugging thanks to Joe , learnt a few tricks and concepts 
  • Coding tricks from Tom
  • First Hand experience playing with Hardware , tools and C Coding.
  • Taking the product till beta version of product.
Things that lacked.
  • As fresh Graduate, well can't be a legit excuse but still, lacked little bit of training, mentor-ship , review of tasks done.
  • Making me design/architect the code as per my knowledge or convenience was sort of bad Idea , with not much experience in embedded C coding or software architecture.
  • Issue solving took relatively longer time and beta code still had some issues till end. 
  • Somerset as a place was depressing couldn't take after 7-8 months of stay 
7-8 months down the line financial constrains took a toll on  me and I had to move on.But I am thank full to CTT and regret I couldn't stay little longer and not doing job to my potential due to above things that lacked but If Asked me today (01/12/2012) do the same project, things would be different wrt  implementation. 

Exit Interview
Work ambiance: was really good , pretty flexible for a start up  Pay(individualistic opinion) I found it okie , since i have already worked with a start-up I can understand the financial constrains.

Technology: I did a small amount of market research and I can definitely say the products and technology used are upto to mark with current market trends.

People : (Roann,Thomas , Mike ,Joe,Todd , Cassey  ) Thanks to everyone , it was good working with everyone. I appreciate thomas and Joe 's guidance . Roann was good as Administrative Assistant . Mike I really admired your patience dealing with various issues. I have a small suggestion if Cassey can contribute   
more into 865 unit as developer , I have heard a lot from Thomas about Cassey "Cassey  is really good and talented person" So I think using Cassey as major resource would really nice.

Product Design: Usually a firmware engineer/Embedded Engineer is only responsible for developing drivers or software .prototype building , verification and testing has to be done before a firmware engineer gets into driver seat. In that way you save your development time and can influence deadlines  in good way. Maybe because of packed schedules we didn't had enough time to work on software design  drivers---> Network layer ---> application layer

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love-Flings with Startup's

1: The Path...

A novice lad walked a path unknowingly , this first step of his would be the step which would  make him the man that he is today .

Manthan Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.(MSPL), quizzed  various teams of 4 at Electronics and  communication department @Gogte Institute of  Technology. Life back then was much revolved  around books, friends, cafe's, GF, longdrives. 

Word "career" was a restrictive terminology pretty  much restricted to placement @3rd or 4th year of  BE(Bachelor of Engineering).
@MSPL interview for senior year project our team  was pretty much quizzed on structuring a FIFO  block. And the output of this interview was good , we bagged the senior year project with them along  with Indu's team. (Indu: Indrajeet kamat a another guy I respect alot , guy who gifted me "The fountain head" ,who shares a same page with me about life.) my team of 4 had  three gals and a boy (me). 

Learning curve @MSPL was really good , the process 
was well organized under the guidance of Senior 
Engineer Sanjay Gaikwad and basic steps included:
1: Getting familiar with protocols.
2: Regular quizing over undertanding of project.
3: Team was divided into development and test team  with 2 members each. But development team participated in test activities and viceversa.
4: Time to time training was given on RTL level  coding, Sandeepani School ov VLSI Bangalore.
5: Development cycle included building 
Test bench Top-->Test bench -->Test cases -->Modules with simultaneous documentation. 

Back then I found all this pain in butt, but  pretty much went on absorbing anything/everything  coming my way for sake of grade . Unknowingly learnt a tons of things back then and still never the technical terms associated with it (Example:steps of SDLC - agilie methodology Well I know it today ). Mentorship recieved back then was good and I seriously appreciate that.

"I learned that everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses and that one of the most important things that differentiate people is their approach to handling them. I learned that there is an  incredible beauty to mistakes, because embedded in each mistake is a puzzle, and a gem that could get if I solved it, i.e., a principle that I could use  to reduce my mistakes in the future. I learned that each mistake was probably a reflection of something that I was (or others were) doing wrong,  so if I could figure out what that was, I could learn how to be more effective. I learned that wrestling with my problems, mistakes, and weaknesses was the training that strengthened me. Also, I learned that it was the pain of this wrestling that made me and those around me appreciate our successes."

Words of Ray Dalio beautifully quote the mistakes rendered by me during senior year phase of my life. 
- Being conceptually clear(technically) doesn't make you any good , speaking up at right moment and place adds value to knowledge.  
- Never ever have a girl whom you like in the same team professionally(Big reason for diversion ).
- CAT/XAT/SNAP/MH-CET/MAT/TOEFL/GRE wtf was on my mind , when I wrote all these entrance exams , I never knew. I behaved like a typical BE student juggling between things rather then focusing on one thing.
- Lacked the dedication required to complete entire project  on own.

And today when I think about issues I wrestled with and trying to rectify them makes me feel I have grown at-least a little."The things we learn from our mistakes is just like learning how to peddle a bicycle Once you learn to peddle a bicycle you won't forget how to peddle it even after ages"

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love-Flings with Startup's


"What I should be doing and what I want to do" is the conflict I face from time to time. The conflict were resolved at times and times they stayed in limbo. 

             Losing my virginity , The Fountainhead , Atlas shrugged ....are few books that really helped my notion of "What I  want to do". Well I may sound bit obessesed with "what I want to do" But that's not the case at times I have let go things and done "what should be doing" One of the quote from "Stay hungry stay foolish": Business is not about being obsessed, its just about passion and knowing when to let it go. This same quote I have implied to my confict of "should and want".
           My idea about working in startup early in career has always been fueled with "should and want" conflict. Basically MS degree is usually fueled by ambition of career tagged with good pay. But the environment where I finished my MS degree was totally cooked with "eat drink and earn" with flavor of passion missing, the flavor of passion - "I have to do something in life and experimenting with life" , and this ambience started to faded this flavor within me.I have always told my self- "Everything will be okie" @end of the day. And a fine summer of 2011  got the shinehine back , Thanks to Nikhil Jain and his stories, faded flavor got a hint of taste  it always wanted to be. And the jounery of Saiseiya begins -"Journey to protect that flavor of passion".


Friday, June 26, 2009


---by George G. M. James

This is an afrocentric examination of Greek philosophy, posing the thesis that it was, in plain, stolen from Egypt (i.e., Africa).The theory is that classical Greek philosophy was derived from an Ancient Egyptian mystery tradition, possibly concealing advanced scientific knowledge that the Greeks misinterpreted. James' approach to the topic is informed by a wide range of authorities, some classic, others a bit more esoteric. He makes some startling claims, e.g., that Alexander the Great and Aristotle plundered hundreds of books from the Great Library of Alexandria, which were later attributed to Aristotle. He is dead serious about this perceived slight by the Greeks, and even exhorts us to boycott Greek letter fraternities.

According to history, Pythagoras after receiving his training in Egypt, returned to his native island, Samos, where he established his order for a short time, after which he migrated to Croton (540 B.C.) in Southern Italy, where his order grew to enormous proportions, until his final expulsion from that country. We are also told that Thales (640 B.C.) who had also received his education in Egypt, and his associates: Anaximander, and Anaximenes, were natives of Ionia in Asia Minor, which was a stronghold of the Egyptian Mystery schools, which they carried on. (Sandford's The Mediterranean World, p. 195–205). Similarly, we are told that Xenophanes (576 B.C.), Parmenides, Zeno and Melissus were also natives of Ionia and that they migrated to Elea in Italy and established themselves and spread the teachings of the Mysteries.

In like manner we are informed that Heraclitus (530 B.C.), Empedocles, Anaxagoras and Democritus were also natives of Ionia who were interested in physics. Hence in tracing the course of the so-called Greek philosophy, we find that Ionian students after obtaining their education from the Egyptian priests returned to their native land, while some of them migrated to different parts of Italy, where they established themselves.

Consequently, history makes it clear that the surrounding neighbours of Egypt had all become familiar with the teachings of Egyptian Mysteries many centuries before the Athenians,who in 399 B.C. sentenced Socrates to death and subsequently caused Plato and Aristotle to flee for their lives from Athens, because
philosophy was something foreign and unknown to them. For this same reason, we would expect either the Ionians or the Italians to exert their prior claim to philosophy, since it made contact with them long before it did with the Athenians, who were always its greatest enemies, until Alexander's conquest of Egypt, which provided for Aristotle free access to the Library of Alexandria.

The Ionians and Italians made no attempt to claim the authorship of philosophy, because they were well aware that the Egyptians were the true authors. On the other hand, after the death of Aristotle, his Athenian pupils, without the authority of the state, undertook to compile a history of philosophy, recognized at that time as the Sophia or Wisdom of the Egyptians, which had become current and traditional in the ancient world, which compilation, because it was produced by pupils who had belonged to Aristotle's school, later history has erroneously called Greek philosophy, in spite of the fact that the Greeks were its greatest enemies and persecutors, and had persistently treated it as a foreign innovation. For this reason, the so-called Greek philosophy is stolen Egyptian philosophy, which first spread to Ionia, thence to Italy and thence to Athens. And it must be remembered that at this remote period of Greek history, i.e., Thales to Aristotle 640 B.C.–322 B.C., the Ionians were not Greek citizens, but at first Egyptian subjects and later Persian subjects.