Monday, June 8, 2009

The Veuf sparrow

The incidence which i came across ,we have heard this a many times in form stories. But the main reason to tell it once again is the moral of the incidence and the feelings that poured out of me at that point of time.

Today at 5pm , i was waiting at the Villanova station waiting for my train to Strafford .As i was drenched in my thoughts i saw a sparrow lying dead near R5 rail track ,felt bad for the small life that passed away , than suddenly i noticed a another sparrow sitting by its dead body , like a innocent creature , thinking that his better half was playing possum .
He waited and waited for his better half to get up and fly back home but what that innocent bird knew she has left him for good.

Suddenly i heard a horn , holy cow it was an Amtrak train at its best , within blink of an eye the train passed separating the two loved ones and flunged them apart. But still the male sparrow had the heart to fly back to the dead body of its better half.

I eyes had filled up looking at them. I could feel the pain in my heart , because i seen relationships,
the bonds breaking and ending up on a bitter note between friends , brothers and girlfriend-boyfriend. And unfortunately i have been part of those
broken bonds and i have been living it till date.

My train arrived at the station i glanced at the bird and said to the "veuf sparrow " fly away buddy fly away , for your life doesn't stop here.

"Birds-Animal , the number of bonding and the knowledge of bonding they possess is very less. But they have heart to keep the owes of a bond.
We humans have emotions ,lots of bonds but we never keep our owes towards our loved ones thats the most wierdest and agonizing side of life"

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Smiley said...

But still the male sparrow had the heart to fly back to the dead body of its better half.
How the hell are you sure, that it was a male sparrow which wasn't dead?