Saturday, January 14, 2012

Love-Flings with Startup's


"What I should be doing and what I want to do" is the conflict I face from time to time. The conflict were resolved at times and times they stayed in limbo. 

             Losing my virginity , The Fountainhead , Atlas shrugged ....are few books that really helped my notion of "What I  want to do". Well I may sound bit obessesed with "what I want to do" But that's not the case at times I have let go things and done "what should be doing" One of the quote from "Stay hungry stay foolish": Business is not about being obsessed, its just about passion and knowing when to let it go. This same quote I have implied to my confict of "should and want".
           My idea about working in startup early in career has always been fueled with "should and want" conflict. Basically MS degree is usually fueled by ambition of career tagged with good pay. But the environment where I finished my MS degree was totally cooked with "eat drink and earn" with flavor of passion missing, the flavor of passion - "I have to do something in life and experimenting with life" , and this ambience started to faded this flavor within me.I have always told my self- "Everything will be okie" @end of the day. And a fine summer of 2011  got the shinehine back , Thanks to Nikhil Jain and his stories, faded flavor got a hint of taste  it always wanted to be. And the jounery of Saiseiya begins -"Journey to protect that flavor of passion".


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