Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love-Flings with Startup's

1: The Path...

A novice lad walked a path unknowingly , this first step of his would be the step which would  make him the man that he is today .

Manthan Semiconductors Pvt Ltd.(MSPL), quizzed  various teams of 4 at Electronics and  communication department @Gogte Institute of  Technology. Life back then was much revolved  around books, friends, cafe's, GF, longdrives. 

Word "career" was a restrictive terminology pretty  much restricted to placement @3rd or 4th year of  BE(Bachelor of Engineering).
@MSPL interview for senior year project our team  was pretty much quizzed on structuring a FIFO  block. And the output of this interview was good , we bagged the senior year project with them along  with Indu's team. (Indu: Indrajeet kamat a another guy I respect alot , guy who gifted me "The fountain head" ,who shares a same page with me about life.) my team of 4 had  three gals and a boy (me). 

Learning curve @MSPL was really good , the process 
was well organized under the guidance of Senior 
Engineer Sanjay Gaikwad and basic steps included:
1: Getting familiar with protocols.
2: Regular quizing over undertanding of project.
3: Team was divided into development and test team  with 2 members each. But development team participated in test activities and viceversa.
4: Time to time training was given on RTL level  coding, Sandeepani School ov VLSI Bangalore.
5: Development cycle included building 
Test bench Top-->Test bench -->Test cases -->Modules with simultaneous documentation. 

Back then I found all this pain in butt, but  pretty much went on absorbing anything/everything  coming my way for sake of grade . Unknowingly learnt a tons of things back then and still never the technical terms associated with it (Example:steps of SDLC - agilie methodology Well I know it today ). Mentorship recieved back then was good and I seriously appreciate that.

"I learned that everyone makes mistakes and has weaknesses and that one of the most important things that differentiate people is their approach to handling them. I learned that there is an  incredible beauty to mistakes, because embedded in each mistake is a puzzle, and a gem that could get if I solved it, i.e., a principle that I could use  to reduce my mistakes in the future. I learned that each mistake was probably a reflection of something that I was (or others were) doing wrong,  so if I could figure out what that was, I could learn how to be more effective. I learned that wrestling with my problems, mistakes, and weaknesses was the training that strengthened me. Also, I learned that it was the pain of this wrestling that made me and those around me appreciate our successes."

Words of Ray Dalio beautifully quote the mistakes rendered by me during senior year phase of my life. 
- Being conceptually clear(technically) doesn't make you any good , speaking up at right moment and place adds value to knowledge.  
- Never ever have a girl whom you like in the same team professionally(Big reason for diversion ).
- CAT/XAT/SNAP/MH-CET/MAT/TOEFL/GRE wtf was on my mind , when I wrote all these entrance exams , I never knew. I behaved like a typical BE student juggling between things rather then focusing on one thing.
- Lacked the dedication required to complete entire project  on own.

And today when I think about issues I wrestled with and trying to rectify them makes me feel I have grown at-least a little."The things we learn from our mistakes is just like learning how to peddle a bicycle Once you learn to peddle a bicycle you won't forget how to peddle it even after ages"

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