Saturday, March 30, 2013

Love-Flings with Startup's

4: The Failure

High on things done so far i.e.Dec 27th 2011 confident in the acquired skill set  I was in a hurry to arrive at bigger stage. "When a toddler learns to walk he/she forgets it would be couple of years before he/she begins to run for Marathon. Chances are that the toddle maybe end up with bruised knees"

My Idea to leave CTT was financial and try to gain more exposure in real world .I joined H2O degree.
Well the start was not bad , little bit bigger team of 4-5 people. But reality started to sink in I was competing with people with 5 years ,10 years experience and I was expected to deliver on similar terms. And mid February 2012 lightening struck I was kicked out of project and turned to be my biggest professional failure and I was not able to tell what I lacked otherwise. And I was pushed on a in-house project a second chance to succeed. But till date I couldn't analyze entirely the reasons to get boots from my first project. Well I did all I could but I guess that wasn't enough.If someone had spared some time to read what I written on H2O degree daily technically blog , I think I had done some decent job

I moved to a second project(early March 2012) was more of a time bomb , ticking really fast , I had to diffuse it and really quickly otherwise I would be walking home. Started to push on things to that extend I guess I didn't had time to speak people I love , and they were really disappointed with my ignoring. If that was not enough I had to handle to mess from love life , well everything pushed me to edge. Well finally early April 2012 I got the boots. Well this project I really had a small error for I2C bus "Baud rate mismatch" Which is all I wanted to resolve and not a fucking skeleton code from someone. I struggled 2 whole weeks trying to help myself resolve this issue but nothing worked.

Well on one fine early summer Friday(April 2012) @4pm I was told this would be last day , well that didn't surprise me a bit. I walked out of that office that night without saying a word to anyone. It almost took me to get out of this mess and in mean time I analyzed what I have is not enough I need to grow.

But this "FAILURE" triggered things which would almost screwed up my stay in USA.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Love-Flings with Startup's

3: The Attempt 

As a kid I was always told by parents and teachers participation is important or attempt to do a particular thing is important.Well I say it's partially right attempt gives analyze your skills , defects and what more needs to be done in second attempt.So here my story of attempt , my attempt to reach a stage higher of social and career aspects.

As a kid and matter of fact even today(27 years 4 months) my mom-dad never supported me starting my own ventures, been always suppressed by him saying I am acting like a fool.Well I won't blame them for being old school or conservative or living typical middle class mentality.

Attempt 0: Dates almost a decade back when I was like 10-12 years old , I loaned 2INR from my maternal Uncle and got some note stickers , Disney stickers and some night glowing radium. And I sold it to my first and second cousins , neighbors and classmates.Well this went well for a while but when my mom found out me doing sales I was slapped and asked to stop the "scandalous" selling and asked me to return money to all my cousins and friends. Well on lighter note I still laugh at it at times whenever I think of it.

Attempt 1: Well it took me a long time to break out of shell and try something new , it happend in 2010 July when I was working with Thomson Reuters.
I decide to do gigs by responding to ads of people on .Idea was to build static websites, Did bid couple of projects in alliance with Krishnasumanth , Vijish and Nimesh but it didn't  turn out to be effective and first official failure.

Attempt 2: Attempt no 2 was in think tanks after the failure of attempt#1 and while "The First Step".
This time I formed a alliance with Nikhil Jain , Shailesh Patil and Shivanand Walitagi , started off well . Planning was good,right mind set right people but place to looks for projects. became the hunting ground for out bidding. Initial got couple of C++ student assignment and Technical research projects earning couple of $ but it didn't last long. Bidding bigger projects didn't fit into our professional bandwidth with everyone moving ahead with career(money) or getting into marital bliss
this turned out to be failure.

Attempt 3: Well this is were I am as of today date 03/28/2013 . Carrying Market research for GPS/GSM technologies in India, bidding projects on website , submitting Alpha research ideas for Motorola Solutions and keeping a tab of thoughts in my journal maybe someday even some silly of thoughts can be innovative.

In all these attempt I have learnt little bit of management skills , few technical skills  but still there is a way to go before I make it big.